About half the SEC had the week off, and that’s not including a couple of teams that might as well have taken the week off. But with the SEC season finally approaching the midpoint, we’re getting a handle on the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here’s how we see the SEC after Week 6.

14. Vanderbilt (1-4, lost to Mississippi 31-6)

It was one thing back when Vandy was getting smoked by Georgia and LSU. But after barely escaping from Northern Illinois, the Commodores were dominated by an Ole Miss team that’s still in the lower echelon of the SEC.

13. Arkansas (2-3, off this week)

We didn’t want to move the Razorbacks up or down on an off week. The fact remains that last week is still by far the best they’ve looked this year– we’re just not sure if they’ll repeat that anytime soon.

12. Tennessee (1-4, lost to Georgia 43-14)

For about a quarter and a half, it genuinely looked like Tennessee had found the answer for the massive malaise that had surrounded the entire program — QB Brain Maurer. But then Georgia did what Georgia does, and it’s hard to go too crazy over a 29-point loss.

11. Kentucky (2-3, off)

Until the fourth quarter of that UGA/UT game, we were considering flipping UK and UT. How much confidence would the Wildcats have today about playing UT in a few weeks? That said, the Wildcats still have a chance to be much better than they have been the last couple weeks.

10. Mississippi State (3-2, off)

Normally we don’t drop a team that didn’t play, but there were some odd circumstances in play….

9. Ole Miss (3-3, beat Vanderbilt 31-6)

It felt more than a little unfair not to move these guys up. The Rebels had a great game, rushed for 400 yards, and impressed the heck out of us. And so we’ve jumped them over State. Not sure they’d win head-to-head if they played today, but based on the way each team played in their respective last games….

8. South Carolina (2-3, off)

Similarly, not sure the Gamecocks are better than Mississippi State … but based on the last impressions of each team, we ended up with the rankings you see.

7. Texas A&M (3-2, off)

We didn’t move the Aggies, just because they’re definitely one of the more talented teams in the not-elite-section of the SEC … but they’re also underachieving against quality competition.

6. Missouri (4-1, beat Troy 42-10)

Another solid effort for the Tigers, but the potential loss of Kelly Bryant does vastly overshadow the game. We might have put them 5th if not for that injury.

5. Auburn (5-1, lost to Florida 24-13)

Ugly, ugly loss … but given the quality of schedule that Auburn plays, the Tigers can get a mulligan. The question is can they play substantially better than this, because if not, the entire season could necessitate a mulligan.

4. Georgia (5-0, beat Tennessee 43-14)

Georgia won by 29 on the road in SEC play, and we left them fourth? Frankly, Florida’s performance was more impressive. If the Bulldogs are the team that showed up for the second half in Knoxville, they’ll be fine … but that first 20-25 minutes had to scare UGA fans.

3. Florida (6-0, beat Auburn 24-13)

Kyle Trask, Emory Jones, at this point, the Gators keep doing what they do — playing defense, being opportunistic on offense, and winning games. Until “pretty” becomes a column in the win-loss record, that’ll work just fine.

2. LSU (5-0, beat Utah State 42-6)

Nice “taking care of business” win, shutting down a potent offense and passing the ball at will. Of course, three of the next four opponents are in the top 10.

1. Alabama (5-0, off)

To be the best, you have to beat the best. Nov. 9 is circled on our calendar.