Week 4 brought the up and down of SEC play. Georgia survived, Bama and LSU thrived, and many of the league’s weaker teams struggled severely. Our weekly SEC power rankings don’t consider where teams are headed, just where they’ve been so far. Here’s how the SEC shapes up after Week 4:

14. Arkansas (2-2, lost to San Jose State 34-27)

The Razorbacks were a 19½ point favorite, but found a way to convert that into a loss. Welcome back to the cellar.

13. Tennessee (1-3, lost to Florida 34-3)

It’s not the loss that gets the Vols here, it’s just being genuinely in a non-competitive place in this game. This was 14 of the last 15 series meetings for the Gators, and the gap between the two programs looks to be widening.

12. Vanderbilt (0-3, lost to LSU 66-38)

For the time being, we might have to call them Van’erbilt, because the D certainly wasn’t there on Saturday.

11. Ole Miss (2-2, lost to Cal 28-20)

Yes, the third-down call at game’s end was probably wrong, but the Rebels weren’t exactly doing brilliant things before a QB injury got them jump-started late. Six minutes into the second half, Cal led 28-13. Tough, tough loss.

10. South Carolina (1-3, lost to Missouri 34-14)

Ryan Hilinksi turned out to be human after all. As a rule of thumb, averaging 0.7 yards per carry won’t allow a team to win many games.

9. Kentucky (2-2, lost to Mississippi State 28-13)

Kentucky was sloppy and erratic throughout this game, and generally looked like a team that belonged in the middle to lower-middle tiers of the SEC. And going 1-for-12 on third down won’t win any prizes.

8. Texas A&M (2-2, lost to Auburn 28-20)

This was a 28-10 game with eight minutes to play. Auburn outrushed A&M in College Station by a 193-56 count.

7. Mississippi State (3-1, beat Kentucky 28-13)

State had a fair number of players out, but did a good job playing to QB Garret Shrader’s strengths. Credit also to a bend-but-don’t-break defense that got the job done.

6. Missouri (3-1, beat South Carolina 34-14)

The Tigers have developed solid run/pass balance and a fairly stingy defense. Add in a weak schedule, and they’re feeling pretty good.

5. Florida (4-0, beat Tennessee 34-3)

No offense intended to Florida, who drops a notch just because beating Tennessee is like beating an FCS team right now … while Auburn took down a Top 20 team.

4. Auburn (4-0, beat Texas A&M 28-20)

When the ground game gets going, the youth of Bo Nix doesn’t especially matter. If the Tigers can pound away with its running attack and play defense, then the lack of passing pyrotechnics won’t make much difference.

3. Georgia (4-0, beat Notre Dame 23-17)

On the one hand, solid win, led by a tough defense. On the other hand, Georgia was a 16-point favorite with a stadium full of massive exhalation after Ian Book’s last-minute pass fell incomplete. The Bulldogs were a little shaky in the finer points of the game, and meanwhile…

2. LSU (4-0, beat Vanderbilt 66-38)

Maybe it’s just us, but we keep thinking about Happy Gilmore when Adam Sandler proclaims, “Happy learned to putt!” Hey, LSU learned to pass, and it’s pretty crazy.

1. Alabama (4-0, beat Southern Miss 49-7)

We didn’t learn much about Alabama this week. It’s fair to wonder how many times this year we will learn much about the Crimson Tide, other than that they are very, very good.