With the SEC reporting its total revenue figures for the 2015-16 fiscal year, to steal a line from Butch Jones, it turns out every SEC school was in fact a champion of life this season.

League commissioner Greg Sankey reports the number at $584.2 million. Dividing that figure 14 ways means that each school took in over $40.4 million in the fiscal year. That figure does not include any bowl money earned by the schools.

“Each of our institutions sponsor from 16 to 22 intercollegiate athletics teams and offer their student-athletes in those sports the highest level of commitment to their athletics and academic experience,” Sankey said via official statement. “This distribution from the SEC helps our universities’ athletics programs continue to fully support broad-based opportunities for thousands of female and male student-athletes in all sports.”

The $584.2 million is up from last year’s report, when the SEC announced $475.8 million in revenue in the 2014-15 fiscal year.

The SEC sure has come a long way in terms of revenue since 1995. After over a decade of building and adding two addition schools to the league, the revenue figures have grown astronomically in a relatively short period of time.