Whenever you hear of a coaching opening or even a potential coaching opening this year, Chip Kelly’s name usually gets mentioned as a potential top candidate.

However, despite Kelly’s name being present in rumors about the Tennessee and Florida positions, neither school seems too interested in the former Oregon coach at the moment.

According to Yahoo! reporter Pete Thamel, that could be because of a new SEC rule that forces schools that want to hire coaches with unethical conduct (like Kelly) in their past to have the university president or chancellor “consult with the commissioner” before hiring such a candidate:

If a school likes what Kelly has to offer, then obviously he is still attainable, but it is an interesting rule that most other conferences don’t have.

Kelly is considered to be a West Coast guy anyway, so if he lands in the SEC, it would be somewhat surprising.

However, stranger things have happened over the years, so we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out.