Ten SEC teams combine to play 11 power-conference foes next season, including four juicy first-week matchups.

Sounds good, right?

Thanks to a rule forcing every SEC program to schedule at least one power-conference opponent starting in ’16, that’s a light schedule compared to what we’ll enjoy going forward.

Here’s a look at the non-conference matchups against teams from the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten and Pac-12 in 2015 followed by each team’s power-conference opponents scheduled in the future. LSU’s schedule-maker may go Rip Van Winkle on us, while Alabama needs to get to work (the Tide are rumored to be discussing a season opener against Florida State in ’17).


Sept. 3: South Carolina vs. North Carolina
Sept. 5: Alabama vs. Wisconsin
Sept. 5: Auburn vs. Louisville
Sept. 5: Texas A&M vs. Arizona State
Sept. 12: Tennessee vs. Oklahoma
Sept. 19: Arkansas vs. Texas Tech
Sept. 26: LSU at Syracuse
Nov. 28: Florida vs. Florida State
Nov. 28: Georgia vs. Georgia Tech
Nov. 28: Kentucky vs. Louisville
Nov. 28: South Carolina vs. Clemson


2016: vs. USC


2016-17: vs. TCU
2018-19: vs. Michigan
2021: vs. Texas


2016-17: vs. Clemson
2020-21: vs. Cal


Annually: vs. Florida State (currently through 2018)
2017: vs. Michigan


Annually: vs. Georgia Tech (currently through 2019)
2016: vs. North Carolina
2017/2019: vs. Notre Dame


Annually: vs. Louisville (currently through 2019)


2015/2017: vs. Syracuse
2016: vs. Wisconsin
2018: vs. Miami
2019-20: vs. Texas
2020: vs. Penn State
2021/2024: vs. UCLA
2022-23: vs. Arizona State

Mississippi State

2018-19: vs. Kansas State
2020-21: vs. N.C. State
2022-23: vs. Arizona


2016/2019: vs. West Virginia
2017-18: vs. Purdue

Ole Miss

2016: vs. Florida State
2017/2019: vs. Cal
2022-23: vs. Georgia Tech
2024-25: vs. Wake Forest

South Carolina

Annually: vs. Clemson


2016: vs. Virginia Tech
2018: vs. West Virginia
2021-22: vs. USC
2026-27: vs. Nebraska

Texas A&M

2016-17: vs. UCLA
2018-19: vs. Clemson
2024-25: vs. Notre Dame


2016: vs. Georgia Tech
2017/2020: vs. Kansas State