SEC Shorts is taking aim at 2 schools with offensive struggles after Week 3. The latest episode features “emergency offensive tutoring” for Alabama and Tennessee.

The Tide and Vols get off to a rough start as students, unable to identify the main objective on offense. Alabama is aimed at pleasing the punter and does not want to mess up the field’s paint job. Tennessee, meanwhile, wants to give its defense a quick breather before the drive inevitably stalls out.

Alabama boasts of hiring offensive coordinator Tommy Rees away from Notre Dame, only to learn the Irish may not have tried to keep him. The clip also jokes that the Golden Domers threw in transfer QB Tyler Buchner, who started the USF game for Alabama and was benched on Saturday.

Tennessee claims “Swamp voodoo” for its 20-year drought in Gainesville. The Vols are taken to task for using 2 of their 3 timeouts on the first drive of the second half. The curious use of the final timeout as Florida was running out the clock in a 2-score game is also directly called out.

When it comes to what offensive linemen are supposed to do, Alabama is completely stumped. The full clip can be viewed below: