Today’s the day. Oklahoma and Texas have officially joined the SEC.

The folks at “SEC Shorts” had some fun imagining how the rest of the conference is “welcoming” the Sooners and Longhorns. As expected, there are plenty of laughs to go around.

The other 14 members aren’t too excited about bringing in two new schools, at least at first. Arkansas and Texas A&M are particularly vocal about their disapproval with adding the new schools.

Texas and Texas A&M make their share of rivalry taunts, with A&M making sure to get in a Longhorn Network jab. The Longhorn representative asks for former Texas A&M baseball coach Jim Schlossnagle’s personal items to be forwarded to Austin after his sudden departure from College Station.

Alabama and Texas trade taunts about recent meetings. A mention of Colt McCoy’s Rose Bowl injury prompts the SEC schools to take a drink. Both the Sooner and Vol are found to be wearing “Get Hype with Heupel” shirts.

A video about Texas has to include “Horns Down.” The Longhorns are surprised to see the SEC refs joining in on the gesture.

Sewanee, a charter member of the SEC, makes a cameo as Texas and Oklahoma point to their conference moving just meaning more money.

Oklahoma reminds the league that the Sooners have their sights set on dominating SEC softball. The diamond dominance is acknowledged, but OU is called out for continuing to celebrate its 2000 football national championship.

Washington State and Oregon State catch strays. When Arkansas muses that it wishes the SEC had any other two schools, the remaining Pac-12 schools show up looking to schedule games with SEC teams. They are promptly shot down.

Seeing the Pac-12 schools leads all 16 members to reflect and realize they’re fortunate to be in a thriving, expanding conference. Texas, Ole Miss and Tennessee find that they’re bonded by the Manning family.