SEC Shorts is out with its latest episode, and it focuses on all of the close calls across the SEC in Week 5, from Ole Miss, to LSU and finally Georgia. They all called the Heaven Miracles Department.

While Ole Miss and LSU were understandable, the Georgia caller whispered his request as the Bulldogs appeared embarrassed to be calling for a miracle on the road at Missouri.

“The offense is having a teeny, tiny problem getting going and there’s only 4 minutes,” Georgia said to the Heaven Miracles Department.

After Ole Miss was briefly passed over because Kentucky was thought to be a feel-good story too, the Rebels’ wish was granted after the Rebels recalled their last request was in 2015 against Alabama.

Turning to LSU, the Tigers were asked if they let Auburn self-destruct on its own.

“The problem is we’re kind of coming off the rails a little bit too,” LSU said.

The kicker punchline was Mississippi State not needing the Heaven Miracles Department for its win over Texas A&M.

Here’s the full episode: