SEC Shorts is out with its latest episode, and it addresses the division winners by way of trying to pull a sword from a stone.

As the party opens, Texas A&M is offered cake, but declines because it doesn’t have cyanide in it.

Alabama steps up and attempts to yank the sword out, but has considerable trouble.

“The second I stop pulling the sooner I have to realize the cold, dark reality the Saban dynasty is in its fading twilight years,” Alabama said.

Vanderbilt, wearing a king’s crown, especially enjoys the cake and takes a shot at Kentucky, given their result from Saturday.

South Carolina laments that, “Spencer Rattler was supposed to be a good quarterback, he was on Netflix.”

Then, when Tennessee offers a colorful monologue, Georgia steps in and easily pulls the sword out without much effort.

Auburn, grimacing, said, “If only we had been rolling with Coach Caddy since Week 1.”

Finally, with dramatic music, LSU steps forward and hears several punchlines and one-liners about earlier issues this season. But pulls it out with ease.

Here’s the full episode: