SEC Shorts is at it again with another great video, and this time they’re focusing on Texas A&M fans.

The Aggies, of course, had plenty to celebrate after an upset of Alabama on Oct. 9. This particular short featured a radio host hosting a relationship-themed talk show.

”Hang in there, and commit to it,” the host, “Alan” responded when asked by a caller, “Roger”, if he should ask out a woman that he had noticed at his gym. Unbeknownst to Roger, Alan was multitasking – watching the Texas A&M-Alabama game while hosting the show.

“You put yourself out there, even when you get hurt, and great things happen,” Alan said after Roger asked if he should ask for more than a date, just as Zach Calzada ran for a first down following his return to the game following an injury.

Of course, this one ended with Seth Small’s game-winning field goal. The call, meanwhile, ended with Roger announcing that he would propose to his love interest the very next day. You can guess Alan’s reaction as Small’s kick went through the uprights after Roger made mention of his plan.

You can watch the video below: