SEC officials were busy over the weekend with multiple blown or non-calls across the league, but especially in the Auburn-Penn State, Mississippi State-Memphis and Alabama-Florida games.

The latest episode of “SEC Shorts” features the topic of “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” as an SEC official.

“Obviously, you’d try to give out as many home-cooking calls to the SEC against out-of-conference opponents as you can,” the dad official said, “but when Auburn’s calling fade routes on fourth and goal from the 2-yard line, there’s only so much you can do.”

The episode also referred to the SEC’s statement about the officiating, including the word egregious, about “game altering and incorrect calls.”

“It turns out that more people than just me know who my dad is,” the daughter said, and later added, “by the end of the day, I was getting the hang of it.”