You may have missed it due to the fact we didn’t get to see “The Paul Finebaum Show” from the beach in Destin, Fla., but the Southeastern Conference did in fact hold a Spring Meetings this year.

Of course, like all other meetings since March, the SEC held its Spring Meetings virtually.

Following the conclusion of the event, the SEC announced two proposals for amendments to existing SEC rules.

The first proposal specified that, for bowl games providing receipts of less than $6 million, the participating institution will be fully responsible for the contractually guaranteed ticket purchase number. New SEC bowl agreements announced last July included reductions in the amount of ticket purchase guarantees by participating institutions which eliminates the necessity for a Conference subsidy of any unused tickets. This bylaw change establishes that individual institutions shall be directly responsible for the contractual guarantee for any such bowl in which it participates

The second proposal amends the graduate student exception to the SEC two-year eligibility and intraconference transfer legislation to permit a student-athlete who transfers from one SEC institution to another after being awarded a baccalaureate degree from his or her previous institution to be immediately eligible for practice, aid, and competition upon enrolling in a second baccalaureate (or equivalent) degree or while taking course work that would lead to the equivalent of a major or degree. The bylaw change makes SEC regulations consistent with recent changes to NCAA legislation. In extending these graduate enrollment options to transfers, this bylaw change provides greater enrollment options by helping student-athletes and academic advisors identify the academic option that best aligns with the student-athlete’s interests, qualifications and future career aspirations.