The Power 5 conferences are hoping the federal government finds a way to come to a resolution before Name, Image and Likeness becomes law in some states but not others.

That’s according to a joint statement issued by the Power 5 conferences on Wednesday following the most recent Senate Commerce Committee hearing on Name, Image and Likeness legislation.

If you haven’t been following the developments surrounding NIL, several states have already scheduled NIL bills that will become law effective July 1. Louisiana currently has a bill in place that would legalize NIL before July 1, which would make the state the first to legalize NIL.

In the statement from the Power 5 conferences, the leagues are asking the federal government to take federal action or risk an uneven playing field come July 1.

Here is the statement issued by the Power 5 conferences:

The Autonomy Five Conferences thank Chair Maria Cantwell and Ranking Member Roger Wicker for today’s hearing and their determination to set a fair and enforceable national standard on NIL. Only Congress can pass a national solution for student-athlete NIL rights. The patchwork of state laws that begins on July 1 will disadvantage student-athletes in some states and create an unworkable system for others. As leaders in college athletics, we support extending NIL rights in a way that supports the educational opportunities of all student-athletes, including collegians in Olympic sports who comprised 80% of Team USA at the Rio games. We continue to work with Congress to develop a solution for NIL and expand opportunities.