College football guru Phil Steele has sized up the toughest schedules in the nation for 2019.

The nation’s toughest schedule, according to Steele, belongs to South Carolina. The Gamecocks open up with North Carolina, and also face non-conference rival Clemson to end the season. Sandwiched in between, however, is a brutal gauntlet. In addition to the regular SEC East schedule, the Gamecocks face cross-divisional opponents Alabama and Texas A&M. Alabama is Alabama, while Texas A&M is certainly on the rise. If Will Muschamp and the Gamecocks make a bowl game, they will be doing fine. Of course, fans aren’t going to accept that, but it’s a reality with this schedule.

Steele ranks Auburn (2), Texas A&M (4), LSU (6), Tennessee (7) and Florida (10) as having top 10 schedules.

On the other end of the spectrum, however, Alabama has the SEC’s second easiest schedule, according to Steele. The biggest reason is Alabama can’t play Alabama, and it faces Duke as its toughest non-conference opponent.

Steele ranked Kentucky as having the SEC’s most favorable schedule for 2019.

Below are Phil Steele’s full rankings:

1. South Carolina
2. Auburn
4. Texas A&M
6. LSU
7. Tennessee
10. Florida
13. Georgia
18. Vanderbilt
19. Mississippi State
21. Ole Miss
32. Arkansas
41. Missouri
44. Alabama
51. Kentucky