Alabama, 5-1, against Top 25 teams, can make it 6-1 on Saturday with a victory over No. 18 Florida in the SEC Championship Game.

The Crimson Tide is easily the best team in the conference against Top 25 competition, though Ole Miss improved to 3-2 with its victory at Mississippi State.

Here’s how each SEC team has fared against AP Top 25 teams entering the SEC Championship Game:


Florida (1-2): Beat Ole Miss, lost to LSU, lost to Florida State; Remaining: Saturday vs. No. 2 Alabama, TBA.

Tennessee (1-2): Lost to Oklahoma, beat Georgia, lost to Alabama. Remaining: TBA.

Georgia (0-2): Lost to Alabama, lost to Florida. Remaining: TBA.

Kentucky (1-0): Beat Missouri. Remaining: TBA.

Missouri (0-2): Lost to Florida, lost to Mississippi State. Remaining: None.

South Carolina (0-4): Lost to Georgia, lost to LSU, lost to Texas A&M, lost to Florida. Remaining: None.

Vanderbilt (0-4): Lost to Georgia, lost to Ole Miss, lost to Houston, lost to Florida. Remaining: None.


LSU (3-2): Beat Mississippi State, beat Auburn, beat Florida, lost to Alabama, lost to No. 25 Ole Miss. Remaining: TBA.

Alabama (5-1): Beat Wisconsin, lost to Ole Miss, beat Georgia, beat Texas A&M, beat LSU, beat Mississippi State. Remaining: Saturday vs. No. 18 Florida, TBA.

Ole Miss (3-2): Beat Alabama, lost to Florida, lost to Memphis, beat LSU, beat Mississippi State. Remaining: TBA.

Texas A&M (2-2): Beat Arizona State, beat Mississippi State, lost to Alabama, lost to Ole Miss. Remaining: TBA.

Mississippi State (0-4): Lost to LSU, lost to Texas A&M, lost to Alabama, lost to Ole Miss. Remaining: TBA.

Auburn (1-3): Lost to LSU, lost to Ole Miss, beat Texas A&M, lost to Alabama. Remaining: TBA.

Arkansas: (2-2): lost to Texas A&M, lost to Alabama, beat Ole Miss, beat LSU. Remaining: TBA.