Despite a widely discussed down year, the SEC was still college football’s most popular conference to watch on TV judging by ESPN’s list of the nine most-watched games this season.

Here’s the list of games:

  1. Michigan at Ohio State (16,841,000 viewers, ABC)
  2. Alabama vs. Florida (11,093,000, CBS)
  3. Notre Dame at Texas (10,945,000, ABC)
  4. Alabama at LSU (10,385,000, CBS)
  5. Louisville at Clemson (9,286,000, ABC)
  6. Wisconsin vs. Penn State (9,189,000, FOX)
  7. Ohio State at Wisconsin (8,964,000, ABC)
  8. Texas A&M at Alabama (8,455,000, CBS)
  9. Ole Miss vs. Florida State (8,354,000, ESPN)

The tally was compiled as part of an ESPN release, indicating that No. 10 is a non-ESPN broadcast that the network decided to not include in its list.

Of the nine games, the SEC is represented by at least one team in four games. The Big Ten is featured in three games while the ACC is featured in two. The Big 12 and independent Notre Dame make the list once.