Editor’s Note: We will track various gambling statistics related to SEC teams throughout the season and update them every week.

If you packed your things, moved to Vegas ahead of the SEC opener Aug. 28 and place a $100 wager on every SEC team, you’ve won $500.02 through three weeks.

SEC teams are 22-15-1 against the spread.

That’s assuming -110 odds and assuming you bet, for instance, $100 on South Carolina and Georgia last weekend. If you’ve had more discipline than a monkey and you’ve refrained from wagering on games that include SEC vs. SEC, you’ve made $545.47 on those $100 bets. Conference teams are 17-10 against the spread against non-conference foes. In the sports gambling world, that’s a huge return.

The first chart below is a running tally of how each SEC team has performed against the spread this season.

In other words, if Auburn is favored by 10 points, but wins by 20, the Tigers are +10 for that week. It gives us an idea of how teams are performing relative to expectations.

Texas A&M (+53.5) still has outperformed the rest of the SEC relative to the spread, but Ole Miss (+47) and Arkansas (+46.5) closed the gap in a big way last weekend, with each team beating the Vegas line by more than two touchdowns. (The Razorbacks, which closed as a pick ’em, beat Texas Tech by 21 points.)

Kentucky continued to outperform relative to expectations despite falling to Florida in triple overtime, overcoming status as an 18-point road underdog. The Wildcats are 3-0 against the spread, while fellow SEC upstart Tennessee is 1-2 after annihilating Utah State on a Sunday evening to open the season.

Ole Miss (3-0), Auburn (2-0) and LSU (2-0-1) are unbeaten against the spread, while Alabama (0-2) and Vanderbilt (0-3) haven’t won.

The Commodores are more than 70 combined points below the closing Vegas line in three games, by far the worst in the SEC. South Carolina ensured that gap grew as the Gamecocks beat Georgia after entering kickoff as a 6.5-point home underdog.

Entering Thursday night’s game at Kansas State, Auburn now has covered the spread in 13 consecutive games. Coach Gus Malzahn is 22-6 ATS at Auburn.

Team ATS Combined +/- ATS Record
1. Texas A&M +53.5 2-1
2. Ole Miss +47 3-0
3. Arkansas +46.5 2-1
4. Kentucky +37 3-0
5. Missouri +33.5 2-1
6. LSU +24 2-0-1
7. Tennessee +23 1-2
8. Auburn +19 2-0
9. Florida +11.5 1-1
10. Georgia +5 1-1
11. Mississippi State +2 2-1
12. Alabama -19.5* 0-2*
13. South Carolina -29.5 1-2
14. Vanderbilt -70.5 0-3

*The game against Florida Atlantic ended as a no contest because it was suspended and finalized before 55 minutes had been played. Alabama was leading 41-0 at the time. The Las Vegas Hilton line for the game closed at Bama -41.5.

Tennessee became the first SEC team to enter a game as an underdog against a non-conference opponent, losing straight up and against the spread as a 20.5-point road dog against Oklahoma.

Even Vanderbilt has been a favorite in both non-conference games, though the ‘Dores lost by 30 at home against Temple and lost against the spread vs. Massachusetts despite a comeback win.

The chart below tracks the average line for each SEC team throughout the season as an indicator of perceived strength. Alabama’s average Vegas line through three games is minus-37, highest in the conference. It also illustrates just how high expectations still are for Nick Saban’s program. The Tide were 46.5-point favorites against Southern Miss.

Florida owns the second-highest average line, favorites in all three games by 37, 41.5 and 18 points. Six different SEC teams have been favored by more than three touchdowns on average.

Tennessee is the only SEC team that’s an underdog on average, in large part due to the aforementioned Vegas line against Oklahoma.

Team Average Line Biggest Line
1. Alabama -37 -46.5 vs. Southern Miss
2. Florida -32.2# -41.5 vs. Eastern Michigan
3. Auburn -25.5 -34 vs. San Jose State
4. Mississippi State -24.5 -30.5 vs. Southern Miss
5. Texas A&M -22.8 -47 vs. Lamar
6. LSU -22.3 -32.5 vs. Sam Houston State
7. Ole Miss -18 -26 vs. Louisiana-Lafayette
8. Missouri -13.2 -26 vs. South Dakota State
9. Georgia -8 -9.5 vs. Clemson
10. Arkansas -7.8 -40.5 vs. Nicholls State
11. Kentucky -6.3 -23.5 vs. Tennessee-Martin
12. South Carolina -6.2 -15 vs. East Carolina
13. Vanderbilt -1.8 -15.5 vs. Massachussetts
14. Tennessee +0.3 -16.5 vs. Arkansas State

#Florida entered the game against Idaho as a 37-point favorite, but after a long delay and the opening kickoff, lightning cancelled the contest. The line was final so it is still included in our average.

The following chart tracks the average over/under for every SEC team as well as whether each team’s games go over or under the posted Vegas total.

The over is 22-16 in SEC games through two weeks.

Despite scoring 54.3 points per game against an average over/under of 69.5, overs are 1-2 in Texas A&M’s contests. Bettors hoping to capitalize on the Aggies’ potent offense had to contend with a 76.5-point total in the game against Lamar, which went under despite Kevin Sumlin directing a 73-point output, and a total of 70.5 against Rice, which finished with a total of 48.

Arkansas, Auburn, Georgia, Alabama and Florida have gone over the posted total in every game. The Razorbacks (62.3) and Tigers (62.0) have done so despite facing the second- and third-highest average totals in the SEC.

The Commodores have faced the lowest average over/under at 48.3 points. Vanderbilt managed just 10 points in two games, but the 34-31 win against UMass went well past the posted total of 47.5.

Team Average Over/Under Biggest Over/Under Over/Under (Results)
1. Texas A&M 69.5 76.5 vs. Lamar 1/2
2. Arkansas 62.3 66.0 at Texas Tech 3/0
3. Auburn 62.0 67.0 vs. San Jose State 2/0
4. South Carolina 61.8 65.0 vs. East Carolina 2/1
5. Georgia 57.5 59.0 vs. South Carolina 2/0
6. Missouri 56.7 62.0 vs. Toledo 2/1
7. Tennessee 56.2 59.5 vs. Arkansas State 0/3
8. Mississippi State 55.5 58.0 vs. UAB 1/2
9. LSU 55.0 66.0 vs. Sam Houston State 1/2
10. Alabama 54.2 56.5 vs. Southern Miss 2/0
11. Florida 53.8# 56.5 vs. Eastern Michigan 2/0
12. Ole Miss 53.7 59.0 vs. Louisiana-Lafayette 1/2
13. Kentucky 52.8 54.5 at Florida 2/1
14. Vanderbilt 48.3 49.5 vs. Temple/Ole Miss 1/2

#Florida entered the game against Idaho as a 37-point favorite, but after a long delay and the opening kickoff, lightning cancelled the contest. The line was final so it is still included in our average.