We’re finally here — Showdown Saturday! SEC teams take on their conference and in-state rivals.

No. 2 Alabama (5-1) against top 25 teams gets a week off from ranked competition, but should get a good effort from archival Auburn.

Some SEC teams will face highly ranked traditional rivals: South Carolina plays host to No. 1 Clemson and No. 10 Florida plays host to No. 16 Florida State.

The most-compelling SEC game of the day is the Egg Bowl, matching in-state rivals Ole Miss and Mississippi State. The Rebels, who could win the SEC West with a victory and an Alabama loss at Auburn, are ranked No. 19 in the AP Poll. The Bulldogs, who could pull into a tie for second in the division with a victory, are No. 23.

Here’s a list of how SEC teams have fared against AP Top 25 (on the date of the game) competition and what, if any, current AP Top 25 teams remain on their schedule:


Florida (1-1): Beat Ole Miss, lost to LSU; Remaining: Saturday vs. No. 14 Florida State.

Tennessee (1-2): Lost to Oklahoma, beat Georgia, lost to Alabama. Remaining: None.

Georgia (0-2): Lost to Alabama, lost to Florida. Remaining: None.

Kentucky (1-0): Beat Missouri. Remaining: None.

Missouri (0-2): Lost to Florida, lost to Mississippi State. Remaining: None.

South Carolina (0-4): Lost to Georgia, lost to LSU, lost to Texas A&M, lost to Florida. Remaining: Saturday vs. No. 1 Clemson.

Vanderbilt (0-4): Lost to Georgia, lost to Ole Miss, lost to Houston, lost to Florida. Remaining: None.


LSU (3-2): Beat Mississippi State, beat Auburn, beat Florida, lost to Alabama, lost to No. 25 Ole Miss. Remaining: None.

Alabama (5-1): Beat Wisconsin, lost to Ole Miss, beat Georgia, beat Texas A&M, beat LSU, beat Mississippi State. Remaining: None.

Ole Miss (2-2): Beat Alabama, lost to Florida, lost to Memphis, beat LSU. Remaining:  Saturday at No. 23 Mississippi State.

Texas A&M (2-2): Beat Arizona State, beat Mississippi State, lost to Alabama, lost to Ole Miss. Remaining: None.

Mississippi State (0-3): Lost to LSU, lost to Texas A&M, lost to Alabama. Remaining: Saturday vs. No. 19 Ole Miss.

Auburn (1-2): Lost to LSU, lost to Ole Miss, beat Texas A&M. Remaining: Saturday vs. No. 2 Alabama.

Arkansas: (2-2): lost to Texas A&M, lost to Alabama, beat Ole Miss, beat LSU. Remaining: None.