We’re all about some football in the SEC. We know how to win, and we also know how to party, right?

This year, however, only three SEC schools made the Princeton Review’s top 20 party schools in the country.

Florida is the SEC’s highest ranked party school at No. 10, falling four spots from last year’s No. 6. Georgia and Ole Miss are the only other two SEC schools ranked in the top 20.

1. Syracuse University
2. University of Iowa
3. University of California at Santa Barbara
4. West Virginia University
5. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
6. Lehigh University
7. Pennsylvania State University at University Park
8. University of Wisconsin at Madison
9. Bucknell University
10. University of Florida
11. Miami University
12. Florida State University
13. Ohio University at Athens
14. DePauw University
15. University of Georgia
16. University of Mississippi
17. Tulane University
18. University of Vermont
19. University of Oregon
20. University of Delaware

Two other SEC schools had some other “tops” in this year’s survey:

  • Happiest students: Vanderbilt
  • Most conservative students: Texas A&M