Any schedule in the SEC is very difficult; however, some do have tougher draws than others — and Alabama can’t play Alabama, you know.

This year — like many other years, the Arkansas Razorbacks have the toughest schedule in the SEC, according to ESPN’s Football Power Index. In fact, the index ranks the Hogs’ schedule as the toughest slate in the nation, just ahead of Auburn at No. 2.

Six SEC schedules are ranked among the 10 toughest in the country — Arkansas, Auburn, South Carolina, LSU, Alabama and Ole Miss. Five others fall in the top 25 — Georgia, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Florida and Texas A&M.

Among the SEC teams, Kentucky faces the easiest schedule and ranks as the nation’s No. 50 overall schedule.

Below is a look at the “remaining schedule strength” of all 14 SEC teams according to ESPN’s FPI:

#1 Arkansas

#3 Auburn

#4 South Carolina

#6 LSU

#7 Alabama

#10 Ole Miss

#11 Georgia

#16 Mississippi State

#17 Tennessee

#24 Florida

#29 Texas A&M

#36 Missouri

#49 Vanderbilt

#50 Kentucky