Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson can be as entertaining as they are informative when broadcasting the¬†SEC on CBS, and last weekend’s showdown between Mississippi State and Auburn was no exception.

Verne and Gary didn’t have any noteworthy mistakes this week, and we’re certainly to criticize¬†the two legendary broadcasters for no reason. However, Lundquist and Danielson did have a humorous moment following Mississippi State’s failed fake punt in the first half of Saturday’s game.

The broadcasters were clearly not fond of the call. Can you tell?

Verne’s voice crack is just an added bonus. At first it’s ear-shattering, but after a few loops it becomes increasingly amusing.

As for the rest of the SEC’s broadcasters this week, they, too, remained relatively mistake-free. The CBS crew featuring Carter Blackburn and Aaron Taylor, which called the Georgia-Missouri game in the first leg of the doubleheader, called Nick Chubb by Todd Gurley’s name a couple of times during the broadcast. That was likely the most egregious error of the day, which is to say there were no major errors on the day.

And to wrap up, let’s take a moment to celebrate our freedom from cowbells on television. Mississippi State’s signature noise maker made appearances all day on Saturday, from College GameDay in Starkville to the CBS broadcast of the MSU game itself to postgame shows on every network. The cowbells were everywhere, and the noise they made was relentless. Mississippi State, I love your tradition, its backstory and your passionate support of the Bulldogs, which happens to be shown with cowbells.

With that said, if we could all go another few weeks without hearing one, we’d be just fine.