There are many ways to break down the on-field impact of a great wide receiver, but “yards per route run” is a stat that Pro Football Focus heavily relies on.

For good reason, too. According to the website, YPPP takes into account the opportunity players had to gain their receiving yards, potentially separating two receivers with similar yardage numbers but a significant difference in the number of routes run, or showing players who were among the most effective on a per-play basis, but did not have the same playing time opportunities as those near the top in total receiving yards.

An example would be Cincinnati Bengals’ A.J. Green finishing with the NFL’s top YPPP average in 2014 despite having a career-low total for receiving yards due to his time missed with a toe injury, but effectively had one of his most effective seasons when on the field.

Here are the SEC’s leaders in YPPP through 10 weeks:

It’s Texas A&M wideout Christian Kirk that leads the conference with 61 receptions, and Aggies teammate Josh Reynolds that boasts the most yards (671). Mississippi State’s Fred Ross tops the SEC with nine touchdown receptions.

But Brown, Stewart, and McKenzie are some of the most effective receivers in the nation when on the field this season.