With tons of SEC action every Saturday, there are always going to be plenty of highlight reel plays. Week 8 featured a host of blowouts, with the winning teams putting up some impressive numbers. Of course, there are also those plays that are better off forgotten. Here at Saturday Down South, we don’t forget. Let’s run down the worst of the week that was.

5. Dropped interceptions in Alabama-Texas A&M

Texas A&M had a chance to make a huge impact early in this game. Alabama drove into the Aggies’ red zone, but misfired on a throw toward the goal line. The pass hit cornerback Deshazor Everett’s hands and hit the ground on what would have been an easy score going the other way. The dropped pick represented A&M’s best scoring chance on the day. Alabama wasn’t immune either, with Landon Collins and Nick Perry both botching what looked like sure-fire interceptions.

4. Ref takes a spill

Umpire Rick Lowe looked to be absentmindedly making his way toward the pile late in the second quarter of LSU’s win over Kentucky. Even if he was paying attention, he wasn’t ready for LSU defensive end Jermauria Rasco to come rolling toward him. Lowe took a tumble over the Tigers defender, sitting on the ground shaken up for a moment before getting himself ready for the next play. This is just a bit more proof that refs need to keep their head on a swivel just like the players do.

3. Terrible Tennessee reverse

This is a classic case of out-smarting yourself. Butch Jones’ team was within field goal range early in the second quarter. Going against the best defense in the country, Tennessee decided to get cute with a double reverse. Of course, Ole Miss sniffed it out, dragging down receiver Josh Malone for a nine-yard loss back out at the 37-yard line. Tennessee ended up punting and didn’t sniff scoring range again.

2. Dorian Baker delivers helmet-to-helmet block, talks smack

When a team is down 31 points, none of its players should be yapping at their opposition. But when Kentucky freshman Dorian Baker laid out LSU linebacker Kendell Beckwith late in the third quarter with a helmet-to-helmet hit on a block while down 34-3, that’s exactly what Baker did. While Beckwith stayed down on the field shaken up, Baker jumped around on the field while yapping at other Tigers defenders. While Baker wasn’t penalized, hopefully he got an earful from coach Mark Stoops afterwards.

1. The Florida Gators

The Gators going down 42-0 in their homecoming game was bad enough. The manner in which they did it, giving up a punt return touchdown, a kick return touchdown and a pick-six and a fumble return for a score, was worse. Florida outgained Missouri by 164 yards, but lost the turnover battle 6-1. By the fourth quarter, Gators fans had had enough of the debacle, chanting for coach Will Muschamp’s firing. For the last couple of years, it hasn’t been so great to be a Florida Gator.