The FBI’s lengthy investigation into the corruption of college basketball came and went with several notable coaches dragged into the proceedings. Amazingly, however, with the exception of Rick Pitino, the majority of the head coaches implicated are still employed by their respective schools.

Now comes word that the NCAA is expected to hand out notice of allegations to at least six schools in the coming months. In theory, the NCAA will now be looking to punish coaches and programs that were implicated in the FBI’s investigation into college basketball.

According to a new report from Yahoo Sports!, several SEC basketball programs are expected to be among those facing notice of allegations:

Those expected to be in the crosshairs and face the most significant penalties include: Louisville, North Carolina State, Kansas, Arizona, LSU, USC, Oklahoma State, South Carolina and Auburn. TCU, Creighton and Clemson all also had assistant coaches implicated in the scandal and could face sanctions.

This isn’t the first Auburn, LSU, and South Carolina have been connected to allegations, but so far, all of the head coaches from those programs have remained untouched, for the most part, and employed entering the offseason. We’ll see if that remains the status quo following the expected actions of the NCAA enforcement staff in the months to come.