This is one way to raise eyebrows on social media.

Twitter followers of Urban Meyer’s wife Shelley Meyer might have been surprised to see a two-day-old tweet pop-up on their timelines Friday. And it’s not just any tweet. Shelley retweeted an account with the handle @UrbanFactCheck and name “UrbanFightOnFactCheck” (with a USC logo avatar) defending Urban’s handling of the Zach Smith situation at Ohio State. There’s obviously a lot to unpack here.

As far as college football news, it’s certainly interesting that Shelley would retweet an “Urban to USC” account (defense of Smith and domestic violence issues aside). In fairness to Shelley, it is possible that she did not make the connection to the tweeter advocating for Meyer to USC (despite the use of “Fight On” in the display name and the Trojans logo avatar).

Whether an “Urban to USC” endorsement or not, this won’t do anything to quiet the speculation that Urban could return to college football as the next head coach at USC in 2020. Clay Helton is still the head coach of the Trojans but has long been linked to the hot seat.