The atypical fall 2020 college football season has fittingly been a prominent topic on Saturday’s College GameDay preview show. With the Power 5 conferences split on whether to have or not have a season, the GameDay analysts shared their opinions on which conferences made the right choice.

Kirk Herbstreit, who has two sons on the Clemson football team, feels the conferences comfortable to play made the right call.

“I feel more confident with my sons being within Dabo Swinney, his coaches and his trainers and his doctors’ watch there at the facility than I do if they go to Chipotle,” Herbstreit said. “I feel as a parent that they are very good hands. I trust the folks at Clemson, and I can only speak for how I feel about my kids, but I feel like they’re in really good hands.

“I don’t think we can throw a blanket over this and say, ‘Yes, we should definitely be playing football, or no, we should definitely not be playing football.’ I think it varies from region to region.”

David Pollack agreed with Herbstreit.

“I love that we’re giving the kids the ability to opt out,” Pollack said. “I also love the fact that we’re proceeding forward. By the way, we had a football game last week, zero positive tests. We had a complete football game on both sides. I’m a big advocate in moving forward. We have to be smart. … I do think we can move forward and we’ve already shown that we can move forward.”

Lee Corso took the other side, agreeing with the Big Ten and Pac-12’s decision to wait until next year.

“I agree with the Big Ten and the Pac-12 about not playing college football this fall. I would not play football until February 2021,” Corso said.

Michigan alum Desmond Howard said he would not want his sons playing, agreeing with the decisions of Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren and Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott.

“Personally, I have two sons, too, but I would have to say that if they were, I would err on the side of caution and probably do what Kevin Warren and Larry Scott did with their conferences I would do with my sons and tell them that they couldn’t play,” Howard said.