Amidst the excitement of Saturday’s LSU-Alabama football game, one group of Alabama fans decided to push the boundaries of what is appropriate and what is not.

This sign was hung at an off-campus apartment building near the University of Alabama.

The sign makes reference to Hurricane Katrina, the 2005 storm that devastated New Orleans, as well as other parts of Louisiana and the Gulf coast. The hurricane and the flooding that resulted from it killed over 1,000 people. It was also the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history, causing over $100 billion in property damage.

One person who was affected by Hurricane Katrina was LSU running back Leonard Fournette. The disaster left the 10-year-old Fournette and his family temporarily homeless and living along the side of Interstate 10 in New Orleans.

According to the Alabama school newspaper, The Crimson White, the sign was later removed.

Not all Alabama fans found the Katrina reference amusing. Some Crimson Tide supporters took exception to the sign, particularly ones who remember the tornado that tore through Tuscaloosa and other parts of the state in 2011.