Towards the end of the BCS era, everyone hated the computer system that decided who should play for the national championship.

But what if we combined the two eras? What if we still had the College Football Playoff with two teams vying for a championship at the end of the year, but the teams were determined by a super computer as opposed to a committee. looks at that every week. On Tuesday, the website tweeted how the BCS would rank the potential playoff teams following Week 11.

On those rankings, two SEC teams — LSU and Alabama — were ranked in the Top 4. Joining them in that group was Ohio State and Clemson.

If the committee’s rankings Tuesday night mirror these, there might be a mutiny outside the SEC. Alabama was No. 3 last week and lost at home for the first time in more than four years. Granted, it was to the top team in the country, but the Crimson Tide, at one point, trailed by 20.

Regardless, in the computer rankings, Alabama would be ranked just ahead of Oregon and Georgia. Minnesota would slot in behind them at No. 7, making one of the biggest jumps of the week, moving just in front of Penn State at No. 8.

Here are the entire playoff rankings from BCS Know How as of Tuesday: