USA Today’s weekly fan voted series, “College Football Fan Index,” ranked the 10 best college football towns, with six SEC campuses making the list. LSU, Texas A&M, Georgia, Auburn, Alabama and Tennessee were all represented. Florida and Missouri were given honorable mentions.

LSU (Baton Rouge, La.,) was the highest ranked SEC town at No. 4.

“In Baton Rouge, tailgating is a gluttonous, boozy art,” the article’s author, Alan Siegel, wrote. “Saturdays pre-kickoff are filled with beer, cocktails, and a seemingly endless variety of foods. And fans get creative. When Florida’s in town, people eat alligator. It’s perfect.”

Texas A&M (College Station, Texas) also made the top-5. USA Today made note of the campus’ high spirits, including the Midnight Yell Practice, regarded by many as the world’s biggest pep rally.

Georgia (Athens, Ga.) was sixth on the list. Auburn (Auburn, Ala.,) and Alabama (Tuscaloosa, Ala.,) both represented the Yellowhammer State at No. 7 and No. 8, respectively.

Tennessee (Knoxville, Tenn.,) ranked No. 10 on the list. USA Today noted the campus’ unique tailgating experience, the Vol Navy, and the close proximity to Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

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