Miami hasn’t won a bowl game since it’s 21-20 victory over Nevada in the MCP Computers Bowl in 2006.

Yeah, the Computers Bowl.

The Hurricanes were hoping to snap that streak today in the Sun Bowl against Washington State, but the game was far from sunny.

The Cougars jumped to a 7-0 lead early in the first quarter, and Miami just couldn’t stage a convincing comeback. The Canes are now 0-6 in the last ten years of bowl games.

Miami had to play through heavy snow, and it gave the team obvious trouble. Washington State outperformed Miami in every area, including turnovers, with the Canes having a lot of trouble catching and holding onto the ball.

On top of the struggles the Hurricanes experienced on the field, they’ve also been the subject of coaching controversy in the past months.

Maybe new head coach Mark Richt can bring better luck to Miami in the bowl season next year.