Would moving the college football season to the spring really work? Not if FOX Sports’ Big Noon Kickoff crew are to be believed.

If you aren’t familiar with FOX’s version of College GameDay, former Ohio State and Florida coach Urban Meyer serves as an analyst on the show along with former USC Trojan stars Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart.

During the latest episode of The Big Noon Kickoff they each weighed in on the possibility of moving the college football season to the spring, a topic they all agree would not work for many reasons but chief among the issues would be player safety.

“No chance. And once again, no one’s asking me, other than you, but no,” Meyer said. “And that is because when the season ends, when you play a long season and when you get to spring practice and you have athletes, especially the contact positions that play —  I used to call it the 2000 rep club. When you play 2000 competitive reps, your body is not ready for contact in three months, two months, it’s not… I would not put those players in harm’s way.”

Those sentiments were echoed by the former USC running back.

“Yeah, Coach, I think you make a great point,” Bush said. “I remember after games and after seasons you know just time just feeling beat down and just needed a break, you know, for months at a time. And so I couldn’t imagine playing in the spring and then, you know, especially if you’re a senior and you’re looking forward to, you know, playing in the NFL, you’re playing, seasons that are back to back.

“That’s tough on the body for any young kid coming from college and then trying to go straight to the NFL, where it’s going to be more torture, more pain on your body, more, you know, all these different things added in there. You know I don’t think there’s a chance that this happens.”

Even Matt Leinart said his arm may not have been able to handle playing two seasons in a calendar year while noting quarterbacks never get hit during practice or camp.

“There is, there is absolutely no way,” Leinart said. “And Joel, you can attest to this, and I’m a quarterback, and I don’t get hit in spring practice, I don’t get hit in practice, and I’m still thinking about how my body would hold up, on my arm and hold up and all that… Coaches and teams will do anything just to play and if that’s the last resort then maybe that’s the last resort but spring practice is not the same as a spring football season, it just isn’t.

“There’s not even a comparison, so I would just worry about the player safety.”