It’s Week 11 of the college football season, and while the two mega matchups from last week didn’t quite deliver on the drama, there’s plenty of intriguing matchups this week for you to pay attention to like: Auburn vs Georgia, Jimbo Fisher vs his own apathy, and Arkansas fans vs. their reasons for getting up in the morning.

Let’s check in on each SEC school and see how each fan base is feeling heading into Week 11:


It was a tense few minutes for Bama fans when it looked like they wouldn’t beat LSU by more than 20, but fortunately the offense was finally able to put something together and squeak out a 29-0 victory. Now the Tide have to prepare for Mississippi State and face their toughest test, their own student section.


The Razorbacks had a week off that their fans used to experience how lovely and beautiful weekends would be if it weren’t for football. Unfortunately, this season is all too real and they’ll have to dive back into their trauma this Saturday against LSU. No word yet on whether Chad Morris’ contract covers therapy costs.


Auburn fans aren’t feeling that great thanks to the increasing likelihood that Gus will return for another year and the fact that they have to play the two best teams in the SEC over the next three weeks … but at least there’s a lot less pressure being the 4th-best team in the division.


Well, it’s official: The Florida Gators are back! Errr excuse me, the 2016 Florida Gators are back! At this point though, all that matters to Gators fans is watching FSU and Miami get tossed around like toilet paper by the rest of the ACC, and making sure that Feleipe Franks never throws a pass again.


The game against Kentucky didn’t provide the drama that was hyped, but UGA is more than happy to clinch its spot in the SEC Championship Game. As all Dawgs know, nothing bad can possibly happen in a championship game in Atlanta against Alabama.


Well, it was a good run at least. UK fans have to be pleased to have a full season’s worth of important football games to keep them entertained. And now that the SEC Championship Game is out of reach, they can turn their attention to basketball and … oh my God, no.


That game didn’t go so well, but it did work perfectly as an excuse to get blackout drunk and yell at your offensive coordinator, one of LSU’s most cherished traditions. There’s still plenty of opportunity to end the season on a high note though, with only games against Arkansas, Rice, and A&M left. So they should at least pick up wins against the C-USA level team, and also Rice is a winnable game.

Mississippi State

The Bulldogs put a beatdown on La. Tech last week, which is good preparation for the situation they’ll be in this Saturday against Bama. Nothing against Mississippi State, but they’re well aware of the situation their facing, and unless this game is played in College Station, Nick Fitzgerald doesn’t really stand a chance.


The Tigers delivered a huge statement win in The Swamp last week, and that statement was “How did we lose those games to South Carolina and Kentucky???”

Ole Miss

Ole Miss fans are in a battle with their own minds to see if they can forget this season existed before it even ends. Losing to South Carolina didn’t make it any easier. Normally you would say they can keep playing for pride, but even pride has better things to do on a Saturday than watch this team play defense.

South Carolina

The Will Muschamp Laws of Physics state that South Carolina can never have both a good offense and a good defense in the same game — it must be one or the other. Last week it was the offense that delivered and gave the Gamecocks a win in a shootout against Ole Miss. So look for their game against Florida to be in the single digits.


Tennessee beat Charlotte 14-3 last week in a game that nobody knows for sure if it actually happened. But it was a nice victory for the Vols, it was a good thing they had that warm-up game against Auburn to prepare them for this.

Texas A&M

Who would have thought a Jimbo Fisher coached team would have started out looking so good but end as an uninspired, helpless team losing games they shouldn’t? It’s truly a mystery. But the Aggies still have time to turn it around, starting with this week’s game against Ole Miss, which should give the Aggies plenty of opportunity to realize it could be worse.


Vandy had a week off to do what Vandy fans typically do in their spare time, buying and selling the homes and businesses of other SEC fans, and now they’re ready to face off against Missouri in what’s being built up as the “Kentucky was Lucky Against Us Bowl.”

Who knows what will happen, but judging by Vandy’s bowl history, they have about a 20% chance of even making it there.