Things are finally clearing up in the SEC. Georgia clinched the East last week, LSU is on the cusp of clinching the West, and South Carolina has clinched official trainwreck status. Week 13 is pretty light on intriguing matchups or anything that resembles entertaining football, but this is still SEC football and anything can happen.

Let’s take a look around the SEC and see how each fan base is feeling heading into Week 13


It’s been a tough week for Bama fans. With Tua out and hopes of a Playoff seemingly fading, there’s only one thing that can make things better … beating the crap out of Auburn. For now, though, all that matters is getting past Western Carolina and fully embracing the Mac Jones era.


Arkansas fans got to take advantage of a much-needed bye week and experience what life would be like if they never decided to be an Arkansas fan in the first place. Nice wasn’t it? Technically, there are 2 games left, but the only real thing that matters is not messing up this coaching search. Can the Hogs score a big hire and end this miserable season on a happy note? Probably not, but it’s the only thing to cling to at this point.


Remember when Auburn was known for having a really fun and innovative offense? Ahhh, those were some fun times. Georgia was practically begging to give that game away in the 4th quarter, but when it comes to a battle of won’ts, never underestimate Auburn’s offense to not do something. So now the program and Gus’ future is in a bit of flux and the only thing that can ease everyone’s mind is beating Alabama. No big deal.

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The Gators finally got over their boogeyman last week with a win over Missouri, and now are just a win against FSU away from finishing the regular season with 10 wins. So, congratulations Dan Mullen on definitely getting 10 wins this year.


The SEC East is wrapped up, you’ve won all your rivalry games (sorry Ga. Tech, but you know this will be true), and all you have to do is beat LSU in the SEC Championship Game to assure a spot in the Playoff. And yet, this team still will make you very, very nervous. That’s just the curse of being a Georgia fan.


Somehow, it looks like Lynn Bowden Jr. and Mark Stoops have willed this team to a bowl game. Kentucky fans owe a ton of gratitude to those guys and the rest of this UK team that has fought so hard after a ton of bad injury luck. And while they’re at it, they should probably also thank Arkansas, Missouri and Vanderbilt for being so bad.


Oh, the irony of LSU finally fielding a team that can beat Bama and win a national championship, but their biggest, most glaring weakness is its pass defense. But of all the problems to have, the fact that your defense might give up 30 points while your offense is scoring 50 is a pretty small one. As long they can hold Texas A&M to under 7 overtimes, they should be in good shape.

Mississippi State

There haven’t been too many bright spots this year for Bulldogs fans. But the good news is they have an easy game against a vastly superior opponent (surprisingly not Arkansas) before they head into the Egg Bowl. A win there could make up for a lot of this season’s disappointments, but a loss and MSU fans might be setting up a shotgun wedding between Joe Moorhead and Rutgers.


You know this season has gone off the rails when the Tigers can’t even pull off their usual upset of the Gators. The Tigers have lost 4 in a row and still need 1 more win just to avoid a losing record. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though, in the shape of their regular-season finale against Arkansas. If they lose that game, then Mizzou should probably self-impose a bowl ban for the next decade or so.

Ole Miss

The Rebels showed the world they’re not that far from competing on the highest levels after their hard-fought loss against LSU. It’s been an up and down year, but at least fans can take comfort in the fact that they’ve got one of the most exciting young quarterbacks in college football, and most important, they’re not nearly as hopeless as Mississippi State.

South Carolina

The Gamecocks are losing games left and right, the president of the university is wondering aloud whether they have enough money to fire the coach, and Clemson is waiting in the wings. Yeah, things are not great in Columbia right now. The best-case scenario is that either South Carolina miraculously finds a way to upset Clemson, or loses so badly that it forces the university to pull the trigger on Will Muschamp’s buyout. Anything in between is a disaster.

Texas A&M

The Aggies have 2 more chances to get that big, signature win they’ve been chasing all year and prove to the world that they can responsibly spend $75 million. It won’t be easy though, and it starts on Saturday in Athens where they will have to keep Jake Fromm and the UGA offense from boring them to death. It happened to Auburn and it can happen to you, too.


The Vols are riding a ton of momentum and nobody wants to be lining up against Jeremy Pruitt and his team right now, not even Georgia State or BYU. They have a chance to finish the year on a 5-game winning streak with 2 very winnable games against Mizzou and Vandy. Although Tennessee should know better than assuming a victory vs. Vandy …


It’s been a long season for Vandy, but with the assurance that Derek Mason is coming back, maybe this team will rally together to win the final 2 games of the season and extend their streak vs the Vols. Or maybe it’s just time for baseball season.