Week 1 of the college football season brought a quick and dominant start for the SEC, which once again flexed its muscles and proved why it is the nation’s top conference. The opening weekend saw each and every one of conference’s 13 schools bring home convincing and hard fought victories … wait is the University of Tennessee also part of the SEC? Crap. Forget all of that then.

Let’s check in on each SEC school and see how it’s fan base is holding up heading into Week 2:


It was a rough week in Tuscaloosa as fans try to make sense of all the things that went wrong in their 51-14 victory over Louisville. Can the coaching staff get the ship going in the right direction? How will the Bama secondary recover from only getting one interception returned for a touchdown? There are a ton of unanswered questions heading into Week 2 and Nick Saban will answer them the only way he knows how, by screaming them into Maria Taylor’s face.


Arkansas fans are preparing for Week 2 by suddenly realizing that their game this week is actually at Colorado State. Which is then followed by having to look up where Colorado State is and then searching to see if Fort Collins, Colo., has decent places to park RVs and mobile homes for a few days.


Auburn fans are riding as high as anyone in the conference after their huge opening victory over Washington. After defeating a Top 10 team, Tigers fans can take a deep breath and relax knowing they won’t play many tougher teams than that … except of course for Alabama, and Georgia obviously, maybe at Mississippi State, and oh, goodness, LSU is good this year.


As anyone who has watched Florida football over the past 10 years knows, this is the part of the year when Florida puts up 50 points against DII teams and convinces themselves they are fully back. Don’t even try telling a Gators fan that their expectations after Week 1 are too high though, because with their victory and FSU’s embarrassing loss, they’re like a pit bull in a deadly trance staring at the rest of their schedule. They should snap out of it after the LSU game though.


The Bulldogs were very much overshadowed by the other powerhouses in the SEC during Week 1, and maybe a little jealous that Alabama is getting all of the attention right now. You think Tua is good? Well you’ve obviously never seen Justin Fields throw 4-yard swing routes against Austin-Peay or run a QB draw straight into the umpire.


Kentucky fans are very thankful that Tennessee’s loss took everyone’s attention away from their struggle against Central Michigan. At least they have plenty of time to shape up in Week 2 against what’s probably a weaker opponent who they have a long history of success over … oh s@#! It’s Florida!


Is this what feeling happy after a football game feels like? LSU fans are learning what it feel like to watch your team play and not feel sick every time your quarterback drops back to pass. They’re also starting a GoFundMe for Dave Aranda and Steve Ensminger, who they now believe are the most underpaid coordinators in football.

Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State

The best moment for Mississippi State fans this past week had nothing to do with their 63-6 beatdown of Stephen F Austin, but watching their head coach’s former team struggle to put up points against App State. As any good Miss State fan would tell you, Penn State’s struggles had nothing to do with Saquon Barkley no longer being there, but everything to do with them missing the genius schemes and route combinations of Joe Moorhead.


The longer Missouri goes under the radar and viewed as threatless by the rest of the SEC, the happier Mizzou fans are. So right now they are ecstatic and have the rest of the conference right where they want them — forgetting they exist.

Ole Miss

Ole Miss fans learned after Week 1 that even when you’re not eligible for anything and your season might seem pointless, there’s still nothing better than drunkenly screaming “SEC!” “SEC!” at out-of-conference teams who you beat.

South Carolina

Muschamp and the Gamecocks are chomping at the bit to go after Georgia this Saturday, and prove to the nation why they are the team that deserves to lose to Alabama in the SEC Championship Game.


What’s the opposite of everything is going great? Tennessee fans have accepted the reality of their lopsided loss to West Virginia and have already begun to rationalize how it was actually an improvement from last year. After recent losses to Vandy, the Vols are excited to face in state rival in Week 2 that will be more equal to their own abilities: East Tennessee State.

Texas A&M

The Aggies are gearing up for their first primetime, spotlight game in a while. Even though on paper it looks like they will be completely overmatched by Clemson, no fan base is better equipped to ignore logic and reason than A&M, so they are full steam ahead toward Saturday night.


After beating Middle Tennessee State convincingly to start the year, Vandy fans are beginning to get worried about any hype or expectations that might be placed on them because that’s when things start to go badly. Just let them sputter around through their conference schedule and embarrass Tennessee at the end of the season, that’s all any Commodores fan could ever ask for.