Stephen A. Smith’s new ESPN contract is just as large as many expected it would be.

According to the New York Post’s Andrew Marchand, Smith will become ESPN’s highest-paid broadcaster as he’ll make close to $8 million a year. Mike Greenberg previously led the way with a $6.5 million salary.

Smith received some of the money up front, according to the report, which led to him signing the extension with a year still left on his previous contract.

Smith is featured on ESPN’s daily morning show “First Take,” and he also makes appearances on “SportsCenter” and on ESPN’s NBA coverage.

Although Smith has long been one of ESPN’s most polarizing figures, he continues to be one of its top broadcasters on its featured shows. His first stint with the network lasted from 2005-09, then he returned in 2012. It was at the start of his current run that he first started appearing on “First Take.”

Smith’s new deal is a five-year contract, so he’ll continue to show up on ESPN well into the next decade.