Steve Spurrier knows all about postseason rematches. Monday’s College Football Playoff National Championship is a rematch of the Alabama-Georgia SEC Championship Game. The Crimson Tide won Round 1, but the Head Ball Coach thinks the Bulldogs will take Round 2.

“They’re due for the football gods to maybe smile on them this time,” Spurrier told USA TODAY’s Blake Toppmeyer.

Spurrier further detailed that he expects Georgia to make adjustments on defense after the 41-24 loss in Atlanta.

“I believe Georgia is going to do something different with their defense. After they played the first time, they’re going to say, ‘We can’t sit in these zones, and we’ve got to get pressure on the quarterback somehow,’” Spurrier told Toppmeyer.

At Florida and South Carolina, Spurrier experienced a range of outcomes facing the same opponent twice in a season, going 2-0 (Florida vs. Auburn, 2000), 1-1 (Florida vs. Florida State, 1996), 0-1-1 (Florida vs. Florida State, 1994) and 0-2 (Florida vs. Alabama, 1999; South Carolina vs. Auburn, 2010).

Florida fans will enjoy Toppmeyer’s full article which looks back at Spurrier installing the shotgun in his Fun N Gun offense after the ’96 regular-season loss at FSU.