Steve Spurrier said he doesn’t have a dog in the fight regarding Saturday’s game between No. 1 Alabama and No. 3 Florida State, but the head ball coach told SiriusXM College Sports Nation he hopes it will be a “really good game.”

“I hope the Alabama defense doesn’t score two or three times like they usually do,” Spurrier said. “If their defense scores early, once or twice, then they’re going to win the game easily.”

When you play a team like Alabama, he noted, you can’t give them anything easy.

“If Alabama has to drive 80 yards to score, I don’t know if they can do that a whole bunch of times,” Spurrier said. “So Jimbo, take care of the ball, and we’ll be watching a heck of a ball game between two really strong, big teams.”

When asked if he would show his SEC allegiance by saying “Roll Tide,” Spurrier declined.

Spurrier didn’t explicitly say he was pulling for Florida State, but did mention the American tradition is to pull for the underdog.

“I do pull for most of the SEC teams,” Spurrier said. “Alabama’s won so much… If they win, it’s ok. But I don’t actively go pull for them.”