Steve Spurrier has now commented on the Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher drama. The “Head Ball Coach” didn’t pull any punches.

The drama started when Saban accused Fisher of paying for all of his 2022 commits on Wednesday at an event in Alabama. Fisher quickly fired back on Thursday with the statement, “Some people think they’re God,” among other things that were said. Now, Spurrier has given his 2 cents on the situation.

Here’s what he had to say about it per Mike Griffith of

“I don’t know why (Fisher) is mad at Saban,” Spurrier said. “Did Saban say something that wasn’t true? I don’t think Saban told any lies in there, so I don’t know what he was mad about. Since Fisher beat him last year, I guess he can talk now. He hasn’t beat much of anybody, but he beat Saban last year. But they haven’t won the division or anything since he’s been there.”

It’s safe to say what side Spurrier is on.