With the COVID-19 outbreak continuing to spread across the globe, there’s real concern that the 2020 college football season could be in jeopardy.

This week, ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit said he’d be surprised if we were able to hold a season this fall. That’s because even if we as a people get past this first surge of the virus, another outbreak is possible when the weather cools off again.

Thus, Sports Business Journal’s Michael Smith theorized about a different possibility. What if we moved the season up to July, August and September to avoid the second possible surge of COVID-19?

Amid a growing concern that the college football season could be pushed back, or even canceled, an alternative could come into play — moving the season up to July, August and September, writes SBJ’s Michael Smith. Every other scenario has the season starting later in the fall, at a time when the coronavirus could be returning for another round of infections as the cool weather returns and a vaccine most likely unavailable until 2021. But staging an abbreviated college football season in the summer presents an opportunity to play games when the warm weather could help prevent the spread of the virus.

CBS Sports reporter Dennis Dodd said a high-ranking official hadn’t heard anything like that being discussed as of yet:

Would this be a logistical nightmare? Absolutely. Would it be worth it if the alternative is no season at all? Most fans would say yes.