College football creates a special kind of camaraderie, even between fans of varying teams. Fans love to sit around the tailgate and discuss every topic under the sun related to the game we all enjoy.

In the Tailgate Talk series, we discuss random college football topics ranging from hypothetical situations to actual events within the game. Read the opinions of SDS contributors and chime in yourself in the comments below.

What game would you like to see added to a SEC’s team schedule?

Brad Crawford (@BCrawfordSDS): Florida vs. Miami

Florida might not agree because it presents a second challenging non-conference rivalry game in addition to a packed eight-game SEC slate, but a Gators-Hurricanes matchup should be played annually. After meeting every year from 1944-87, Miami and Florida have met just six times since with the Hurricanes holding a 5-1 advantage. It’s an appetizing matchup for fans, recruits and college football in the Sunshine State. It’s never going to match the intensity of Florida-Florida State, but it’s a natural in-state rivalry that needs to be played.

Ethan Levine (@ELevineSDS): Kentucky vs. a “Basketball School”

This is kind of thinking outside the box, but as a Kentucky alumnus I’d love to see the UK football team play a game against a fellow “basketball school” each and every year. Schools like Kentucky, Kansas, Syracuse, Uconn, etc., are almost certain to never contend for a national title in the modern era of college football, and that’s okay — it’s not their season. But having the chance to measure up to a comparable school in a non-conference showdown could create for a fun atmosphere and a pretty fascinating game, even if the average talent levels of the players on the field fall short of a game like Texas-Texas A&M. Running the football program at a basketball school is never easy, but showcase games between the football teams from basketball schools could be a fun opportunity for those schools and their fans.

Kevin Duffey (KevinDuffey): Texas A&M vs. Texas

We need Texas and Texas A&M to play each other every year. They hate each other, and rivalries are great the hatred is flowing. Heck, even the media representing these two schools hate each other.

This rivalry has the potential to be one of the best in the nation right up there with great rivalries like Ohio State-Michigan, Clemson-South Carolina, Florida-Florida State and of course Alabama-Auburn. Frankly, I love when in-state rivals like this are in different conferences similar to Clemson-South Carolina and Florida-Florida State. Plus, let’s be honest… Texas A&M’s non-conference schedule is dog s**t.

Jon Cooper (@JonSDS): Florida vs. Auburn

Piggybacking off of North Carolina and Wake Forest agreeing to a non-ACC series, let’s let old rivals Florida and Auburn play annually. Yeah, it’s a pipe dream, and Florida would never add Auburn with FSU on the annual schedule. But, why not? Will Muschamp has thrown some fire onto the stoic rivalry, and he’s targeting many of the Gators top uncommitted prospects. The Tigers lead 43-38-2.

Christopher Smith (@CSmithSDS): Oregon vs. Alabama

The SEC and Pac-12 rarely play each other, and it’s a shame. The two conferences did not meet a single time during bowl season, though the Crimson Tide came within a couple plays of facing the Ducks in the national championship game. Oregon represents the class of the Pac-12 and Alabama has been the SEC’s best program in the last five years. We got to see the Ducks play Auburn on a national stage a few years ago with a championship at stake. Alabama has played teams like Penn State, Michigan, Clemson and West Virginia non-conference. But this clash of styles would be one of the most anticipated of the entire season nationally. Would Alabama’s defense be able to contain Oregon’s track speed, as Ohio State managed to do in the College Football Playoff? Or would the Tide’s big, physical linemen wear out the Ducks? I’d love to find out. Make it a home-and-home.

What say you?