We’re officially in August, and college football is right around the corner. As such, we like to have some fun with the offseason headlines and provide a few suggestions on inappropriate ways to prepare for the season.

1. Get in a brawl in Panama City

You don’t need to be a Heisman caliber quarterback to get into a scuffle on the streets of Panama City. The Florida panhandle is a prime destination for some fun in the sun and of course a street brawl or two. Bonus points for filming the scuffle and posting to social media. [Dak Prescott involved in bloody scuffle in Panama City]

2. Make a statement with some fancy shoes

Sticking with Mississippi State themed headlines, take a page out of Dan Mullen’s playbook and up your shoe game. The more formal your work environment, the better. Work at a conservative financial institution? Perfect. Pair your pinstriped suit with a pair of Yeezys. [Dan Mullen brings Kanye West’s signature ‘Yeezys’ to SEC Media Days ]

3. Blame a past failure on the NFL Draft deadline

Maybe you botched an assignment at work. Learn from Nick Saban and blame the NFL Draft deadline. Your conversation can go something like this: “Sir, all I know is our chemistry was affected by something. The NFL Draft deadline in mid-December is ridiculous! It’s right before Christmas, and it’s right before the assignment was due. We’re talking about a young person who has to deal with a lot. No, it’s not an excuse…” [Saban partially blames the NFL Draft deadline for Ohio State loss]

4. Go play ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ at an Alabama-rival practice field

Playing an iconic song about a rival over the loudspeakers during a football practice is quite a prank as Butch Jones experienced earlier this year. Since this isn’t do-able for most people, find an opportunity to blast your fight song at work in front of some opposing fans. [ Video: Butch Jones upset with mystery ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ at Vols practice ]

5. Design your own inappropriate warmups

Remember those insanely ugly Mississippi State baseball warmups that included some explicit language referencing Ole Miss? Why not make your own version? [Mississippi State and Adidas apologize for vulgar message to Ole Miss on jerseys]

6. Get a huge forearm tattoo merging an inspirational word with your school logo

Derek Barnett’s Uncle mastered this. He beautifully combined the word “Loyalty” with the Tennessee “T” logo while also paying homage to his nephew Derek. Some other combinations could include: FAITHFUL with dual Florida “F” logos, CARPE DIEM featuring the Alabama “A”, AUDACIOUS with the AU replaced by the Auburn logo. You get the picture… [ Photo: Derek Barnett’s uncle gets massive Vols ‘loyalty’ tattoo]

7. Make a list of the most erotic football plays

Who says football can’t be erotic? Not Bret Bielema. Bielema liked the bowl game ‘kneel down’ that his team executed against Texas. Make a list of the most erotic plays in the game today. [Bret Bielema calls play ‘erotic’]

8. Go visit the tanning salon and get some McElwain raccoon eyes

The internet had some fun with Jim McElwain’s sunburn during an SEC Network broadcast. Can Jeremy Foley please give the new head coach some sunscreen? C’mon man… [Photo: Internet has fun with Jim McElwain’s sunburn]

9. Publish some trick catch videos on Instagram

Odell Beckham Jr. created a trend that has been carried out by college players such as Malcolm Mitchell. Sure, your athleticism might be marginal at best, but film yourself doing some trick catch videos and share with the world. [Which catch was better, Odell Beckham or Marco Wilson?]

10. Accuse Hugh Freeze of calling another coach an atheist

Don’t tell Hugh Freeze that he recruited against Dan Mullen by calling him an atheist. If you do, expect to get a response on Twitter. [Hugh Freeze fires back at fan after Twitter accusation]

Have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.