Tennessee associate athletic director Carmen Tegano, a staple at the University of Tennessee, has his own experience with Peyton Manning’s accuser, Jamie Naughright.

Tegano, who’s been at the University of Tennessee for 32 years and kept a close relationship with Manning, recounted several harassing phone calls from Naughright, as told by Clay Travis of FOX Sports.

The calls were so persistent and troublesome that Tegano told OutkicktheCoverage.com in the fall of 2015 that he contacted the Knoxville FBI to look into the calls and determine if she was a threat.

According to Tegano, the calls from Naughright started in September of 2015 when she called and wouldn’t identify herself, repeatedly saying, “You know who this is” although Tegano said he hadn’t spoken to her in at least 10 years. After an exchange in which Tegano described Naughright as “rambling,” “threatening” and “incoherent,” he hung up on her.

Naughright would call him three more times, according to Tegano. In one instance, he says his wife answered and Naughright said “something very rude to her” and he hung up on her again. The last instance, he claims she called and all he could hear was breathing for a minute or so before she identified herself and made more threats before he once again hung up on her.

In Travis’ story, he details revealing Facebook posts from Naughright before she deleted her account, one of which was an attack on school administrators that Naughright called out by name.