National Signing Day is over and done for the 2018 recruiting cycle, but the consequences are still being felt by one coach in Texas.

According to a report, coach Eugene Rogers of North Crowley High School was “reassigned” from his position as head coach due to “misrepresenting a student-athlete signing.”

Apparently, Matt Stepp reports, Rogers allowed a preferred walk-on to hold a signing ceremony at the school, angering school officials: reached out to Rogers, and the fired coach read a portion of his reassignment letter:

“This reassignment is due to a pattern of poor judgment and the allegation of your conscious misrepresentation of facts regarding a student-athlete’s college signing.”

He then comments on the school’s record, which was 4-6 this year, saying if that’s why he was reassigned, he wishes the school would be up front about it.

It’s a bizarre situation in Texas, but Texas high school football is not exactly the most logical sport on the planet.