Recently, Saturday Down South explored the last time each SEC school suffered a shutout. Remembering back to those games is never pleasant and often painful. However, one thing worth noting is at least all those shutouts were by the hand of a fellow team in the conference. It’s rare for non-conference opponents to best an SEC team that thoroughly.

When we flip the equation and discuss the last time each SEC team shut out an opposing team, the number of non-conference opponents rises considerably. Nine of the last 14 shutouts listed below were against non-conference opponents. In other words, the SEC does not play nice with others.

Here is a look at the last time each SEC defense shutout an opponent.


Date: Oct. 18, 2014
Opponent: Texas A&M
Score: 59-0

Is it surprising that the last time the Crimson Tide defense forced a shutout, it was just last year? No, it’s not. Reggie Ragland, A’Shawn Robinson and Jonathan Allen, among others, are all returning to the defense this year, so more shutouts may be Alabama’s future.


Date: Nov. 22, 2014
Opponent: Ole Miss
Score: 30-0

The Razorbacks had an exceptional defense last year, ranking second in the conference in yards allowed per game. They produced back-to-back shutouts against LSU and Ole Miss.


Date: Aug. 30, 2008
Opponent: Louisiana-Monroe
Score: 34-0

The Tigers bookended this season with shutouts. Aubun started by dishing one out to a non-conference program. They ended the season by suffering one at the hands of Alabama.


Date: Sept. 6, 2014
Opponent: Eastern Michigan
Score: 65-0

Florida’s original season opener was cancelled due to weather, so the Gators decided to score enough points for two games the following week in a route of the Eagles.


Date: Oct. 11, 2014
Opponent: Missouri
Score: 34-0

The Tigers had just made it back into the Associated Press Top 25 the Bulldogs bowled over them in Colombia, Mo. Georgia’s defense held Missouri to 147 total offensive yards.


Date: Sept. 5, 2009
Opponent: Miami (OH)
Score: 42-0

The Wildcats defense disrupted the Redhawks offense throughout the game. Kentucky made two big interceptions, one for a touchdown. Wide receiver Randall Cobb also led the team in scoring.


Date: Sept. 13, 2014
Opponent: Louisiana-Monroe
Score: 31-0

After a close win over Wisconsin to start the season, LSU blew out non-conference programs in two consecutive shutout wins. Unfortunately for the Warhawks, the SEC has a tendency to do that to them in particular.


Date: Nov. 22, 2014
Opponent: Vanderbilt
Score: 51-0

After losing by five points to No. 1 Alabama, it’s nice to have a chance to inject your team with some confidence. The Bulldogs did just that in this route of Vanderbilt, with the defense generating three turnovers and Dak Prescott passing for just as many touchdowns.


Date: Sept. 17, 2011
Opponent: Western Illinois
Score: 69-0

Missouri has yet to experience its first SEC shutout. During their final year in the Big 12, the Tigers denied points to the Leathernecks in a non-conference game early on in the season.


Date: Nov. 8, 2014
Opponent: Presbyterian
Score: 48-0

After losing to LSU and Auburn, it feels nice to slaughter a non-conference opponent in your home stadium. Unfortunately, Ole Miss was then shut out by Arkansas two weeks later.


Date: Aug. 28, 2008
Opponent: North Carolina State
Score: 34-0

There’s nothing like opening your season with a shutout, which is exactly what the Gamecocks did that season.


Date: Sept. 11. 2004
Opponent: Wyoming
Score: 31-0

The Aggies also have not yet achieved a shutout as a member of the SEC. Texas A&M started out the 2004 season with a loss to No. 20 Utah, so it probably felt great to immediately follow that up with a game it dominated.


Date: Aug. 31, 2013
Opponent: Austin Peay
Score: 45-0

To continue with the trend of non-conference shutouts, the Volunteers started out their 2013 season with a solid victory against the Governors. The rest of that season was not as solid.


Date: Nov. 3, 2012
Opponent: Kentucky
Score: 40-0

The Commodores delivered two shutouts during this season, but the better one was obviously against their secondary conference rival. This game marked the largest Vanderbilt margin of victory over Kentucky since 1916, when the Commodores shut the Wildcats out 45-0.