College baseball was on full display during Wednesday’s and Thursday’s shortened Major League Baseball Draft. Due to the coronavirus, the MLB Draft was shortened to just 5 rounds for multiple reasons.

The MLB season was stopped during spring training ahead of Opening Day, and NCAA baseball was canceled due to COVID-19.

One thing is apparent — more college players are being drafted, which over the course of history has been a shift. Just 29.4 percent of the players drafted in the 2020 MLB Draft were high school players, the second-lowest percentage all-time (28.7 percent in 2019), per ESPN.

High school players are seeing more value going to college, getting an education and getting developed by some really good coaches as opposed to going pro immediately. Obviously, top high school picks are likely headed to pro ball as opposed to college due to the signing bonuses; however, MLB teams are now looking more to colleges to get already developed players into the big leagues quicker.

The shortened draft didn’t stop the best baseball conference in the nation from flexing its muscles though. The SEC led all Power 5 conferences in draft picks, ahead of the ACC. The SEC and ACC have proven time after time that they are the 2 best baseball conferences in the country.

The conference also made history with 3 of the top 5 players selected, too.

You can view every SEC player drafted here.