Alabama has been the best team in the SEC so far this season, but it’s also leading in one stat category that it wishes it wasn’t.

Through seven weeks, the Crimson Tide are leading the conference with 7.5 penalties per game, according to, which tallies the penalties from every game each week. Those penalties have translated to 66.2 penalty yards per game for Alabama, which ranks second in the SEC behind only Georgia (67.7).

Of course, those frequent penalties haven’t slowed the Crimson Tide. They’ve opened the season with six consecutive wins, including Saturday’s victory at Texas A&M.

Auburn (7.3) and Georgia (7.2) rank second and third in penalties per game, yet both of those teams have only one loss this season.

Here is the full list showing which SEC teams are getting penalized the most:

  1. Alabama 7.5 penalties per game
  2. Auburn 7.3
  3. Georgia 7.2
  4. Vanderbilt 6.8
  5. Missouri 6.5
  6. Kentucky 6.5
  7. South Carolina 6.5
  8. Texas A&M 6.3
  9. Arkansas 6.3
  10. Florida 5.6
  11. Ole Miss 5.4
  12. LSU 5.3
  13. Mississippi State 5.3
  14. Tennessee 5.0