If you thought the 2019 SEC season was exciting, that was nothing compared to what the 2020 SEC offseason has in store. Mike Leach, Lane Kiffin, minimal Bama coaching staff turnover, it has been a shocking start to the year, to say the least. Now, with the recruiting cycle officially over, and the SEC dominating the rankings as usual with 7 of the top 10 classes, it’s a good time to check in with each fan base to see how everyone is feeling heading into these next few long grueling months with no football.

Let’s take a look around the SEC and see how everyone is feeling after National Signing Day.


Oh well, just another top 2 recruiting class to pair with the greatest coach in college football history. Very much looking forward to hundreds of more articles about how the dynasty is dying. Oh, what’s that? Bama also has the top-rated quarterback in the entire 2020 class? Huh, interesting.


It’s amazing the kind of things that can happen when you no longer have the worst coach in the SEC. Coach Sam Pittman somehow managed to take an Arkansas team that was coming off 2 of the most disappointing years in program history and amid a coaching transition and lead them to a top 30 recruiting class. Heck, at this rate, by the time Pittman leaves Arkansas they might have finally won an SEC game!


Sure, Auburn lost a starting running back with the news of JaTarvious Whitlow entering the transfer portal. But on the flip side, they also lose all the stress of watching him fumble with the game on the line. In the end, it evens out. As far as Signing Day, the Tigers have to be extremely excited to finish with a top 10 class. And even if there is a twinge of disappointment seeing Alabama finish so high, just remember who won the Iron Bowl.


Say what you will about Dan Mullen and his ability to recruit … but no one can ever say they’re better at bringing in transfer portal talent. In addition to a top 10 class, the Gators also are bringing in a stash of former 5-star athletes to bolster the 2020 roster and make a serious run for an SEC title. And as everyone knows, whenever Florida fans have extremely high expectations, only really good things can happen.


Is the No. 1 class in the country good? Please, someone ask Dan Mullen for his thoughts. Oh, that’s right, he’ll never know.


The Cats finished with a Top 25 class, a top 60 recruit and their coach turned down the FSU job to stay in Lexington? That sounds like a pretty good start to 2020. Now if Kentucky can just get an actual quarterback who can throw passes downfield, who knows how far this team can go.


The SEC giveth, the SEC taketh away. It’s not a shock that the Tigers’ championship roster and coaching staff got pillaged, but now we get to see how good Coach O really is. Well, if Signing Day is any indication, he’s still really good. LSU finishes with a top 4 class and plenty of new talent to replace what was lost. It’s hard to follow possibly the greatest team of all time, but if anyone is crazy enough to do it it’s Coach O.

Mississippi State

At Washington State, Mike Leach took a bunch of guys that looked like high school soccer players and turned them into a perennial Top 20 team. Imagine what he can do with SEC-caliber players instead. Bulldog fans have to be excited.


If any Mizzou fans weren’t fully sold on Coach Drink, him pulling a prized corner recruit away from Bama and then running through the halls screaming like he just won the Powerball has to win you over. If he acts that excited over getting a 3-star corner, imagine his reaction once Mizzou gets back to beating Florida every year like they’re used to. It will be fun to watch.

Ole Miss

Bad news: The Reb finished with one of the lowest-rated classes in the SEC. The good news? With Lane Kiffin as head coach anything is possible. Literally anything. A national championship? Sure. The death penalty? Also possible. A full Senate inquiry? Just as likely. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

South Carolina

It was a monster end of Signing Day for the Gamecocks, who got pledges from 5-star defensive end Jordan Burch as well as the top JUCO running back in the nation. They just need about 8 more 5-star players and they’ll be close to catching Clemson.

Texas A&M

As usual, Jimbo Fisher flexed his recruiting muscles and brought the Aggies one of the top recruiting classes in the country. It’s Jimbo’s 3rd class since getting to College Station, so all eyes are on him to really make a big leap in 2020. Which is really exciting, because as we know, once a Jimbo Fisher program makes a big jump, it’s quickly followed by 5-6 years of complete destruction.


Remember when the Vols and Jeremy Pruitt were the laughing stock of college football? Since then, the Vols have made it to a bowl game, won that bowl and now officially brought in a top 10 recruiting class. So let’s all agree to not laugh at this team again, at least until they play Alabama again.


Oh, was it Signing Day yesterday? Who cares? You beat LSU! Oh, it was basketball?