Week 4 was a busy one in the SEC. Georgia showed why it deserves to be among the elite teams in college football, LSU’s offense continues to put Big12 numbers and Tennessee and Arkansas continue to … well, you get it.

Let’s check in with all the SEC fan bases and see how they’re feeling heading into Week 5


Ho hum. Tua just threw 5 more TD passes? Is it halftime yet? Let’s face it, the Ole Miss game probably won’t be much different. If the price of a dynasty is that the first month and a half of the season is a bit of a bore, Bama fans will take it. It’s certainly better than the alternative *cough* Tennessee *cough*


Do you ever wonder what life would be like if football never existed? How peaceful would it be to wake up on a brisk Saturday in the fall with no worries and nothing to watch or do other than maybe have a nice drink and take a stroll. Ahhhh sounds nice. Anyways, did Arkansas play this weekend?


Is this Auburn’s year? There’s so much optimism surrounding the Tigers right now that it’s almost scary. A star in the making at QB, a dominant defense, not even fake coaching rumors can slow Auburn down this year … or at least not until November.


Is Kyle Trask really that good or is Tennessee really that bad? Who knows. The only thing that matters is that Florida is 4-0 and Dan Mullen is officially a QB Jedi Master. But the fact that Tennessee is utterly terrible is pretty fun, too.


It wasn’t quite the beatdown against Notre Dame that UGA fans were hoping for, but, hey did you see those LED lights? There might still be some questions about this offense, but there’s no question that Athens knows how to create a Playoff atmosphere, which is probably why Notre Dame lost.


Sure, you could look at the negatives of 2 consecutive losses. Or you can appreciate the really great charity work Kentucky has been doing by providing a service to give your newly installed backup quarterback an inspiring victory. Can’t wait to see the Tom Rinaldi special on that.


Trying hard not to overreact, but Joe Burrow deserves a Heisman, a National Championship, a Grammy and probably a Nobel Prize. And Joe Brady should be President — while still coaching the LSU passing game, of course. As long as the defense can hold opponents to under, let’s say 50 points, you have to feel good about LSU’s chances going forward.

Ole Miss

Friendly advice: If you know an Ole Miss fan, please don’t bring up the end of the Cal game. It’s too soon and not very polite and they’ve already got enough to worry about with Alabama this week. Just let them lose in peace.

Mississippi State

Welcome to the Garrett Shrader era. Who knows how long it will last, but let’s enjoy it while it does. Let’s also just hope he doesn’t try to helicopter flip over the Auburn defensive line on Saturday.


If not for that opening game against Wyoming, Mizzou would be one of the most-talked about teams through one month. But they still have plenty of time to ruin the seasons of a few teams in the conference and maybe get a coach or two fired. Might have happened last Saturday.

South Carolina

Usually it takes a little longer than 4 weeks for South Carolina football to become miserable an unwatchable, but here we are. It seems like Muschamp’s days are numbered, so it might be time to start scouting former Florida head coaches again.

Texas A&M

That Auburn game was rough and might have caused an existential crisis amongst some A&M fans. But let’s be clear: No one is giving up on Jimbo. They’re just dipping their toes into the water of potentially, some day in the future giving up on Jimbo. But at least now they have 2 really tough games out of the way with the only games left to worry about being Alabama … Georgia … LSU … oh, good grief.


Quick question: Is it possible to play UT-Chattanooga every week? If not, then there might be some problems.


Hey look at that, Vandy just put up 38 points on LSU’s defense. Can you believe it? That is incredible … Oh, you’re asking how many points LSU scored? I mean that game was so long ago who can even remember.