It’s Week 8 of the college football season, and good things are happening all around. LSU set itself up as a serious Playoff contender, Florida is firmly in position to win the SEC East, and Tennessee is back*!! Just don’t ask about Auburn.

Let’s check in on each SEC school and see how each fan base is feeling heading into Week 8:


Bama beat Missouri comfortably, but Tua’s knee has provided more angst and worry than any of their actual games. But things still look pretty good, and when they play Tennessee this weekend, the Bama offense should be back to when it’s at its most dangerous, throwing short slant passes and screens to Jalen Hurts.


Arkansas looked decent (??) against Ole Miss last week, and with Tulsa on the horizon this weekend, the Razorbacks are ready to notch another victory. If they continue at that rate, they’ll pick up their sixth win and be bowl eligible by 2021!


Auburn fans have spent the past week scrubbing through their cars and couch cushions in search of loose coins, running them over to the nearest Coinstar and hoping it all adds up to $32 million. It might seem like a lot of money, but compared with how the rest of the SEC treats you after you lose to Tennessee, it feels like nothing.


Sure, Dan Mullen probably would have been beaten to a pulp if he and Derek Mason came to blows. But it turns out Jachai Polite and the rest of the Florida defense are much tougher to beat. Now they have a bye week to prepare for Georgia and watch tape on how to get Feleipe Franks to run over their safeties.


Yeah Georgia got embarrassed by LSU last week, but if they learned anything from last year, it’s that you can’t get embarrassed in the National Championship game without first getting embarrassed on the road in the regular season. The good news, though, is they get to take out all their anger out against Florida, which seems to happen a lot in this conference.


The Cats are preparing for another big game at Kroger Field where they will look to send Vandy straight to the self-checkout lane. But after the upsets last week, UK fans find themselves in a 3-way tie for the lead in the SEC East … and any 3-way involving the state of Florida means going to the doctor immediately afterward.


LSU taught Georgia college football’s No. 1 rule: Don’t give Joe Burrow room to run or you will live to regret it. Coincidentally, they’ll soon be up against college football’s other greatest rule: Never, under any circumstances, play Alabama. But before that, the Tigers have just another ho-hum primetime game against another ranked SEC team. LSU has been collecting ranked victories like they are infinity stones, which is very fitting because if anyone is the Thanos of the SEC, it’s Coach O.

Mississippi State

The Bulldogs had a week off to prepare for LSU, which meant they got to sit back and get completely terrified watching LSU dismantle the No. 2-ranked team in the country. Now they’ll have to go to Death Valley at night and hope to come out in one piece, which only Nick Saban and Troy know how to do.


Sure, the Tigers got blown out by Alabama last week, but the good news is they were able to hold Jalen Hurts to under 100 yards receiving. So maybe their secondary isn’t as bad as everyone else thought?

Ole Miss

The fact that Ole Miss is 5-2 while playing in the SEC West and being seemingly terrible with nothing to play for is one of Earth’s greatest mysteries. And if you’re thinking, “Well that’s because their schedule has been so lopsided, eventually they’ll play good teams.” You’re wrong, because this week they play Auburn.

South Carolina

The Gamecocks lost a close one to their completely natural and not at all forced SEC West rival Texas A&M last week, but it’s gotta be encouraging for fans to see their team put up such a good fight in an intense rivalry game like this. Now they have a week off, which gives Gamecocks fans a whole Saturday to do nothing but hate-watch Clemson.


The University of Tennessee and getting coaches fired … name a more iconic duo. That’s just what they might have well done to Auburn last week. I think the other fan bases in the SEC can agree that after a rough and deeply depressing decade, Tennessee fans deserved this. Your reward? Alabama. Good luck.

Texas A&M

A&M fans are starting to get used to Jimbo’s style of racking up massive penalty yards, being incredibly frustrating to watch at times, but still somehow winning. That’s the formula that brought Jimbo a title and built FSU up to the juggernaut that it is today.


OK, yeah, so Vandy blew an 18-point lead to the Gators, butttt Derek Mason was able to get in some great cuss words at the Florida bench, so that honestly counts for just as much as a victory. Maybe more? This week they have Kentucky, in what is usually the Bowl Eligibility Bowl, but this year just another top 15 team for Vandy to just barely lose to.

* * * * * 

* Tennessee is not actually back