247Sports released its list of the Top 100 true freshman who matter in 2022. Every major conference had its true freshman ranked per Chris Hummer of 247Sports.

One of the main components of the list had to do with each true freshman’s ranking on the 247Sports Composite. Other factors that were considering were things like athleticism, speed, and how much need a team had at a certain position. Nearly every SEC team had a true freshman make the list.

Here are the 23 true freshmen who made it, along with their 247Sports Composite rankings:

  • Evan Stewart, WR, Texas A&M, No. 11
  • Jake Johnson, TE, Texas A&M, No. 95
  • Walter Nolan, DT, Texas A&M, No. 2
  • Bryce Anderson, S, Texas A&M, No. 77
  • Mykel Williams, DE, Georgia, No. 4
  • Malaki Starks, S, Georgia, No. 19
  • Caleb Wooden, DB, Auburn, No. 867
  • Jayden McGowan, WR, Vanderbilt, No. 787
  • Ja’dais Richard, S, Vanderbilt, No. 370
  • Trudell Barry, CB, Vanderbilt, No. 576
  • Isaiah Sategna, WR, Arkansas, No. 137
  • Luther Burden, WR, Missouri, No. 3
  • Armand Membou, OL, Missouri, No. 499
  • Sam Horn, QB, Missouri, No. 139
  • Kiyaunta Goodwin, OT, Kentucky, No. 37
  • Dane Key, WR, Kentucky, No. 228
  • Trevion Williams, DL, Mississippi State, No. 190
  • Aaron Anderson, WR, Alabama, No. 35
  • Will Campbell, LT, LSU, No. 36
  • Harold Perkins, LB, LSU, NO. 8
  • Justin Williams-Thomas, RB, Tennessee, No. 284
  • Chris McClellan, DL, Florida, No. 113
  • Donovan Westmoreland, LB, South Carolina, No. 413